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织女  牛郞  七夕

The Legend of Love. TVB 2003

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TVB The Legend of Love

Title Song performed by Gillian Chung and Kelly Kwan
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English Lyrics

So sad because of parting
How many will be like this
Missing and thinking of a person
Who was once so smitten
And thus found so attractive
Even if the heavens have turned out the light
The road ahead is not dark
The world will be bright and colourful again
I am committed to keep a sweet kiss
A fresh love
In competition with time
Finally we must separate again
When I hear this emotion rises
Whoever wants to take my place
Please don't come
I don't care
Talking of more love
(The future cannot be had again)
From the start, I had to love you
I still remember the same one
(Creating an unfulfilled love)
The stories spread and grow through the world
(Hard to guess no matter right or wrong)
So young that there is no need to fear anything
If you are happy, then please hold me tight

Cantonese Original Lyrics

Wai yiu fan hoi seung liu sam
Wui yau dor siu gor yan
Gei gwa yat gor yan yat sang
Chang ging han seung sam
Choy gok dak kap yan
Jow shuen tin hung gwan liu dang
Cheen lo mei fui ngam
Sai gan joi ban fan
Ngor do han kuet sam
Yu lau juek tim man
San seen dok luen ngoi
Wo yat jee bei choy
Jung gik yau see fan hoi
Ting gin go gam coy
Na go yiu jam doi
Do ching bat yiu loi
Bat jee joi
Tam gang dor luen ngoi
(Mei loi yik nan joi)
Yat hoi chi fei ngoi bat hor
Ying see gei ju tung yat gor
(Jun ying joching mut geet gwor)
Sai gan pin chuen man jeem dor
(Nan yu shuen mo lun dui chor)
Nin hing dak mo sui pa sam mor
Nei yeuk gwo fai lok ching po jeuk ngor

ZHINÜ - Project 2005

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