January 2003: Gallery Views compilation

Thursday, January 9, 2003

01/05/03 (www)


Fantasy time: I don't always imagine the drawings here as anything other than what they are here- flat, small, pixels. But I do often think of some in terms of being made with paint. The depiction above might show the size of this drawings as being a little larger, or quite a bit larger, than the size I've imagined that these drawings could become as paintings. For the current drawings I imagine them being perhaps up to 4 X 4'. As shown here it would be around 6 X 8'.

I envision the Sea Ranch drawings I did last July as possbily being as large as depicted here. The Nines maybe being in the 2 X 4' range. The Asian Influence in Drawing pieces would range all in between these large and small sizes- can you guess which would be large or small?

Friday, January 10, 2003

The above uses a drawing from October 18, 2002 (www). Again (www) , the size of this representation is pretty fantastic. Imagine this painting being around fifteen feet high. More realistically it might be something in the six foot range. But it's very interesting to me to think of something with this kind of scale relationship to people.

It's interesting that Lynn (www) thought that some images from the October series might be thought of as quite large and that I'd intended to produce this imagined view of the October 18th drawing. Nice little bit of serendipity.

Saturday, January 11, 2003

Drawings from July (www)


Anything worth doing once is worth doing again... and again and again. Hence, another gallery view.

Sunday, January 12, 2003

From a series called People I Have Known

Monday, January 13, 2003

Images from 051602 (www) & 060902 (www)

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Images from 052802 (www), 061602 (www), 071202 (www).

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Images from 042202 (www), 042402 (www), 043002 (www) & whoami (www).

Thursday, January 16, 2003

Images from 121702 (www), 121802 (www), 121902 (www).

Friday, January 17, 2003

Images from 041302 (www), 041402 (www), 050802 (www).


Peter (www) Ford asks (www) how these these fantasy gallery views are made. All the original drawings are straight HTML using Dreamweaver- that's why they're so flat, hard-edged, and simple. These gallery views are of course made with Photoshop, heavy on the use of layers and the gradation tool.

Karin (www): see 010803 (www) for an explanation of how I am flipping one day ahead. Yes, so far most of the galleries are invented. However, 011603 is built over a picture of a room I scavenged somewhere, and 011803 (www) will also use another image of a room (that gallery view, by the way, is already finished and awaiting the Saturday flip on Friday afternoon). It's all pretty crude; I won't be sending my resume to Pixar anytime soon.

I'm pleased that others (KK, IM, RY, CY www) like these gallery views, as I like them, too, a lot. They bring a real satisfaction to me. The scale of these depictions may not be as I have usually pictured some of them, but I do almost always also think of these table drawing thingies as being made of real materials and hanging on a real wall. I've talked enough about looking at a paintings (www) that I'm surprised no one else really made the kind of connection I've been carrying around inside my head. But that's inside my head, not yours, so I shouldn't be surprised, I guess.

I just noticed how I keep calling these things "table drawings," yet in my head as I've used them in these gallery depictions they are paintings. That's a clue for me as one difference between the digital media and the real material. Drawing in HTML is mostly dealing in defining edges, boundaries, which is drawing. Then the shape is filled with color. In painting the action can be about line, but it's also about volume and surface and thickness. It's tactile in a way the HTML drawings can't be. That may be why I can't call these things table paintings. By can't, I mean that when I start to say it my brain stops me. I feel a difference and am forced to use the word "drawing."

Saturday, January 18, 2003

For Joe Strummer (www) August 21, 1952 - December 22, 2002

Images from 042101 (www) & Mission La Pur╠sima Concepci█n (www)

Sunday, January 19, 2003

010803 (www) & 010303 (www) inserted into an image made from a couple of borrowed images: book (www) & table top (www).

Monday, January 20, 2003

Drawing from 101502 (www) (& TAIID www) inserted into LOC (www), (Gottscho-Schleisner, Inc., photographer. CREATED/PUBLISHED 1959 July 14. International Business Machine Country Club, Sands Point, Long Island. Seminar room II.).

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Images: 082802 (www) & borrowed studio view (Max Gimblett) (www).

What started (www) as a little fun- imagining what one of these table drawings might look like if it existed as a painted object on a wall- has turned into, as of today, thirteen days of Photoshop fantasy (I (www), II (www), III (www), IV (www), V (www), VI (www), VII (www), VIII (www), IX (www), X (www), XI (www), XII (www), XIII (www). I never imagined I'd ride this and stretch it out to two weeks. You try something, it works a bit, you keep repeating it with some variation, and suddenly fourteen days have gone by.

These have been fun to make, but they are also frustrating reminders. When I began teaching my artwork moved to the classroom, and the small studio I still have became storage over time. I've made small pieces over the years, painting and drawings, but it's been a long time since I had a dedicated space to do this work. A spare bedroom just doesn't work. Right now, without adequate space, when I think about it for too long, I feel so impatient I want to jump out of my chair.

As our house hunting drags on the period of time when I don't have a place, even a corner of a garage, makes me practice patience even more, something I'm not always good at. There are times when patience turns for me into boredom. I like to do, not to wait, not to cut myself off. There is no substitute for working on a scale that I've imagined in these fantasy views.

This weekend we visited twice each and talked a lot about making offers on two houses. Both had lots of space for living, indoors and out, and space that would work well as a studio. For various reasons we didn't make offers. We haven't, I guess, still found "our" house.

When I think and talk about my weblog as a studio, and when I'm doing these very plain and simple drawings in a very restrictive medium, I'm finding a way, given what is and isn't available, to continue to work.

Tomorrow, the 14th image, will be the last of these- at this time, anyway. And then I'll start something new- I don't know what, yet- and wonder what that will turn into.

Thanks, Lynn (www): "Zelig-like." That's accurate.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Images: 100202 (www) & James Harkins (www).

Views: I (www), II (www), III (www), IV (www), V (www), VI (www), VII (www), VIII (www), IX (www), X (www), XI (www), XII (www), XIII (www), XIV (www).

As I look back on these I realize now very clearly that what I really wanted to do is show paintings in places where people interact with them, alone and in groups. I wanted to show how a painting can be alive, something to live with, and something to look at again and again, that a painting can become part of a life.

March 2003


May 23, 2004

Don't Know How 3 & 10 (www), imagined gallery view

Background borrowed from Richard Schur (www).

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