Regime Change, April 2003, HTML, 294 x 434 pixels

I. He carried his bloodied daughter in his arms through the streets.
II. They men lay face down by the side of the road, elbows tucked in at their ribs, fingers curled into the dirt by their heads.
III. She knelt at the foot of the bed listening for her son's breathing.
IV. Nothing worked, not the plumbing or the electricity, and there was no one to complain to about it.
V. Unseen things dropped precisely on accidental targets.
VI. Hands frantically reach for boxes stacked at the back of the truck.
VII. They couldn't see it; they heard it, they felt it at night, falling all around them.
VIII. Hiding in the cellar, waiting for the dust to settle and the body count to begin.
IX. Bully. Liar. Shame.
X. They couldn't find what they claimed prompted their actions.
XI. We have blood on our hands and money in our fists.
XII. Do unto others...


©2004/2005 chris ashley